1. How do they work?  Calfbusters are a very simple but extremely effective way to stretch and strengthen your hard-to-develop calf muscle by simply walking around. The design is unique in the fact that if you do not stay on your toes you will fall backwards. You simply step onto the Calfbusters platform and strap the strap around any pair of tennis shoes, Once they are strapped into place you simply walk around!
  2. What are they made of? The Calfbusters are made of a blend of rubber products. Each layer has been uniqely developed with the proper density to allow for the proper spring and resistence. The Calfbusters are designed to not only build your calf muscles but are also designed to be comfortable in the process.
  3. How long Do you wear them? Calfbusters are to be worn for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day for begginers and 20-30 minutes a day for the advanced. You can wear the Calfbusters in the morning, afternoon, or evening. For a more extreme workout do the 10 or 20 minute DVD training!

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